Ecology & Environmental Science

Pablo García-Díaz with invasive wolf snake

Pablo García-Díaz handles an invasive wolf snake (Lycodon capucinus) in the rainforest of Christmas Island. Predation by invasive wolf snakes is believed to be one of the factors of the decline of native species of reptiles in Christmas Island.

Exploring from the land, sea and sky

Researchers in the School of Biological Sciences explore all angles of the Earth to solve questions in ecology and environmental science.

Our scientists explore how flora and fauna respond to environmental challenges and climate change and seek to understand the adaptive capacity and resilience of species.

We use analytical and applied techniques to study wildlife conservation and biosecurity risk management; monitor ecosystems with satellite imagery and use GIS and spatial simulation modelling to forecasts of biodiversity shifts to conserve natural systems.

Our marine biology and aquatic research has a strong focus on current environmental issues that affect freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems, while exploring the ecological history of underwater communities.

We contribute to improving human health by exploring the relationship between biodiversity and infectious and chronic diseases, including water quality for human and environmental health.

Our research is buoyed by critical partnerships with industry and government; and strong collaborations across various research centres and institutes.

Ecology and Evolution Series

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Our research strengths

Leaders in ecology and environmental science research

Environment Institute

Connecting leading water, climate scientists and researchers with international collaborators and external stakeholders to address complex environmental problems and export innovation to the world.

Environment Institute

Spatial sciences

Research leaders in spatial intelligence.

Spatial sciences website

Marine biology

Diving into environmental issues that affect freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems.

Marine biology website

CoE for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage

Safeguarding our national heritage, transforming research culture, connecting with communities and informing policy.

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Australian Bioactive Compounds Centre

Transforming compounds from Australian plants into medical and agricultural commercial products.

Centre website

Water Research Centre

Leaders in ecology and environmental science research

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Sprigg Geobiology Centre

Exploring how organisms alter and evolve in response to the environment and how they control geologic processes.

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Call of the wild

Episode 4, In Their Element Podcast Meet science graduate Jacob Maher, who was sure his career was going to be finding out who's who in the zoo, but graduated with a passion for all things nature.