Molecular & Biomedical Science

Lab photo of Geneticist Dr Korjent van Dijk

Our molecular and biomedical scientists are immersed in critical research into disease-causing bacteria and the molecular evolution of both humans, plants and animals.

We explore the molecular mechanisms underlying chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, HIV and Alzheimer’s disease. Our goal is to better understand the molecular structure of these human diseases in order to discover new pathways and treatment options.

Our experts are also forging ahead with our understanding of the molecular interactions between pathogenic bacteria and humans. We’re developing more effective vaccines and treatment strategies to combat infectious diseases, such as E.coli, tuberculosis, golden staph, middle ear infection and malaria.

Our scientists are also making important breakthroughs in biotechnology, epigenetics and genome editing. We investigate how flora and fauna adapt to environmental signalling; how species evolve and survive through the evolution of resistance; genetic engineering of bacteria; and improving crops through synthetic biology and biotechnology.

Our research strengths

Leaders in molecular and biomedical science research.

Research Centre for Infectious Diseases

Exploring the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of bacterial infectious diseases, and playing a leading role in international collaborative efforts to fight these infections.

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Australia-China Joint Research Centre of Grains for Health

Achieving healthy populations that consume grains and grain products with desirable nutritional and sensory profiles.

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