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The School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences is home to some of the brightest minds in science. 

We have more than 350 people spread across teaching, research, and professional activities; titleholders and visitors; and a large cohort of higher degree by research students. 

We are one of eight schools in the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology. The school office is located at the University of Adelaide’s North Terrace campus

Professor Christopher Sumby

Professor Christopher Sumby

Head of School, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Professor Christopher Sumby is Head, School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Adelaide where he undertakes research into the synthesis and properties of nanomaterials to address energy, environmental and industrial challenges.

Professor Sumby has been awarded various fellowships and awards, including an ARC Future Fellowship (2009), a South Australian Young Tall Poppy Award (2009) and a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science International Invitational Fellowship (2014). He is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials at the University of Adelaide where key research themes include Chemical and Electrical Energy Storage; Energy Waste Management; Heterogeneous Catalysis; and Nanoporous materials for Gas Separations.

Professor Sumby also directs the Bragg Crystallography Facility, the X-ray diffraction centre at the University of Adelaide. He provides academic direction and leadership to the school, working collaboratively with the school executive comprising Associate Heads in the portfolio areas of Research, Learning and Teaching, and People and Culture, and the Discipline Leads from the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences. 

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