Earth Sciences

We unearth the secrets of planets, unlocking new geology, identifying and locating critical minerals and contributing to a sustainable planet.  

Earth Sciences is a broad discipline centred around the evolution of our planet – from its birth in the Solar System to the future outlook of current environmental issues. We are forward thinkers who know our past. 

There is no real limit to our research and teaching expertise. Areas covered include mineral and energy systems, tectonics and solid Earth processes, sedimentary basin evolution and processes, palaeoclimatology, palaeontology, palaeoenvironments, geophysics, (environmental) geochemistry and extra-terrestrial geoscience.

Earth sciences


Our scientists work across a vast array of multidisciplinary themes. Our research has been rated by Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) as ‘above world standard’ to ‘well above world standard’.  

Our research spans the following areas: 

  • Mineral and energy systems
  • Tectonics and solid earth processes
  • Palaeoclimatology, palaeontology and palaeoenvironments
  • Environmental geochemistry

Our research 

  • Extensive undergraduate teaching


    Our teaching encompasses the Earth Science majors and Palaeontology majors in the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Advanced) and honours programs. 

    We also offer the Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience) and administer the National Exploration Undercover School (NExUS); a prestigious summer school for the next generation of Australian exploration geologists. 


    Enhance your research and reporting skills, indicate strong commitment, ability and creative thinking to your future employer by completing this prestigious qualification.  


  • Higher Degrees by Research (HDR)

    Whether planning to work in research or industry or to upskill to change jobs, our Higher Degrees by Research provide additional insight and deliver a competitive career edge.  

    We have postgraduate students working in all areas of research and supported by research training scholarships, industry, and cooperative research centre funding.  

    We offer two postgraduate research degrees:  

    • The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is a two-year full-time (or part-time commitment) and teaches you about applying research methodology to critically evaluate literature and results in your field.  

    • The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is our flagship research award and is the standard qualification for a research career or academic position. Study a research degree in an area of interest and be supported by one of our highly talented research supervisors.  

    HDR opportunities 

  • Scholarships

    The University offers scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students. These scholarships (as well as many others) funded by industry and non-profit organisations, are available to potential and currently enrolled students.  

  • Tate museum

    Tate museum

    Explore ancient treasures of the Earth.

    Located in the Mawson building, the Tate Museum is home to an incredible collection of minerals, rocks, fossils and specimens that illustrate geological phenomena. 

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