Partner With Us

As a research-intensive institution, our highly talented Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences researchers are relied upon by industry and governments to lead or make vital contributions to a wide range of scientific discovery projects.  

These partnerships take on many forms such as direct contracts and consultancy work, Cooperative Research Centres (CRC), and Australian Research Council (ARC) joint ventures.  

Our partners are diverse local, national and international organisations and enterprises.  

Examples include:

Department of Defence logo

The Defence Science Technology Group

The Defence Science Technology Group through engagements such as the ‘Defence Trailblazer’ and a joint partnership on USPL technology. 

Petronas logo

Petronas Research Sdn Bhd (PRSB)

Petronas Research Sdn Bhd (PRSB): a collaboration for the development of MOF-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation into methanol and MOF-based technologies for hydrogen storage. The research informs opportunities for commercial development.  

MacArthur Basin Team

MacArthur Basin Team (this is with Geological Surveys in SA and NT): as an Australian Research Council collaborative project, our researchers within the ‘Tectonics and Earth Systems Group’ are collaborating with the Northern Territory Government, Santos, BHP, Tech Resources, Empire Energy and researchers from CSIRO and Copenhagen University to understand what the Earth’s surface was like over one and a half billion years ago and to know how critical energy and mineral resources vital for the energy transition were formed.  

Fortescue Future Industries and Sparc Technologies

Fortescue Future Industries and Sparc Technologies

Fortescue Future Industries and Sparc Technologies: an industry partnership with the aim of producing commercially viable green hydrogen.

This innovative research project is based on a process known as ‘Thermo-Photocatalysis,’ which employs the sun’s radiation and thermal properties to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen. 

Quantx Labs logo

Quantx Labs

Quantx Labs: a partnership with world-leader in high-precision timing and quantum sensor technologies. Our forward-thinking researchers from the Precision Measurement Group is focussed on the development of a Rubidium 2-photon optical clock with the goal of deploying this world-leading atomic clock technology on a satellite in 2025 as part of an integrated Defence system.