Our Research

Our world-first discoveries capture international attention in the world’s best research journals. These breakthroughs, which have the potential to change lives, attract extensive external funding and create new opportunities for international collaboration. 

Our research includes theoretical understandings of the universe, medical technology, cancer treatments and pharmaceutical development, renewable energy research, management of the Earth’s resources, and investigating how the universe was formed and life evolved. 

Research strengths

Solving societal challenges

We are harnessing our expertise in physics, chemistry, and Earth sciences to address some of the most pressing local and global challenges.   

These include: 

  • Exploring space and developing near space technologies 
  • Providing the critical minerals and resources for a clean energy future 
  • Developing sustainable chemical and energy technology including green hydrogen production, future fuels, and valorisation of chemical waste products 
  • New quantum technologies  
  • Developing sovereign defence capabilities on areas like USPL technology and through our involvement in the ‘Defence Trailblazer’  
  • Investigating medicinal and biological chemistry including new treatments for diseases, new antibiotics, and bio-delivery applications for biologics and vaccines 

State-of-the-art international research facilities

Use of state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge techniques underpin our research and teaching. This includes synthetic methods, purification, analytical and computational capabilities. 

HDR opportunities

Higher degree by research opportunities

Whether intending to work in research or industry, a higher degree by research or other postgraduate study can equip students with a clear competitive edge.  

Find out more about studying a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  

HDR opportunities

Research centres and institutes  

Our superiority in research involves significant interactions with internal and external collaborators, and research end-users. We are home to significant institute capabilities and partner with National Centres of Excellence to confront society’s most relevant and pressing scientific challenges.