Past Members

This page is a record of previous members of the NUPP groups.

It may not be absolutely exhaustive, but it hopes to give a decent history of who was working and studying in these areas over the years. It includes staff members and PhD students, and is under occasional review.

Where possible, a person's current (or reasonably recent...) whereabouts are given.

Current staff also are included.

Title First name Surname Dates Position Affiliation
Dr. Curtis Abell 2018-23 PhD U. Adelaide
Dr. David Adams 2000 Academic staff Nanyang Technol. U.
  Ramona Rogers (Adorjan) 1997-present Computing officer  
Dr. Armin Ardekani 1997 PhD Data Scientist/Math Modeler/Software Developer
Dr. Jonathan Ashley 2000-03 PhD  
Dr. Peter Athron 2012-2013 Postdoc Nanjing Normal University
Dr. Ahmed Bakry 2007/08/10 PhD

Chinese Academy of Sciences?

Dr.  Marco Bartolozzi 2003-06 PhD John Street Capital
Dr. Jim Bashford 1997-2000 PhD U. Tasmania
Dr. Mischa Batelaan 2018-23 PhD College of William and Mary
Dr.  Setayesh Behin-Ain 1997-98 PhD  
Dr. Axel Bender 1997-99 Postdoc DSTG
Dr. Sundance Bilson-Thompson 1997-2002 PhD  
Dr. Francois Bissey 1998-2001 PhD U. Canterbury
  Sara Leggatt (Boffa) 1999-2007 Office admin. IPAS
Dr. Sharada Boinepalli 2003-2006 PhD U. Queensland
Dr. Ingo Bojak 2000-02 Postdoc U. Reading
Dr. Frederic Bonnet 1997-2002 PhD Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy
Dr. Csaba Boros 1997-2000 Postdoc  
  F. A. Borotto 1998 PhD  
Dr. Patrick Bowman 1997-2003 PhD/Postdoc Massey U.
  Shane Braendler 1997-2003 PhD


Dr. Manuel Carrillo 2010-13 PhD  
Dr. Jonathan Carroll 2005-13 Hons/Research Fellow Freelance programmer
Dr. Andrew Casey 2008-13 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Alex Chambers 2013- Hons/PhD DSTG
Dr.  Lei Chang 2013 Postdoc Nankai U.
Dr. James Chappell 2005-10 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Suengho Choe 1997-98 KRF Fellow  
Dr. Ian Cloët 2002-05, 2011-13 Hons/PhD/Ac. staff ANL
Dr. Paul Coddington 2000-10 Academic staff ARDC
Dr. Rod  Crewther 1997- Academic staff deceased
Dr. Ben Crouch 2000-08 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Will Detmold 1997-2002 Hons/PhD MIT
Dr. Jack Dragos 2012-2017 Hons/PhD Michigan State U.
  Sam Edwards 2007-08 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Adrian Flitney 1997-99 PhD U. Melbourne, RMIT
Dr. Marco Ghiotti 2003-06 PhD SophusLab
  Bronwyn Gibson 2008-15 Admin. Assistant U. Adelaide
Dr. Philip Grace 2018-23 Hons/PhD Sintilex
Dr. Xin-Heng Guo 1997-2002 Postdoc Beijing Normal U.
Dr. Vadim Guzey 1999-2002 Postodc Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
  Taylor Haar 2013- Hons/PhD  
Dr. Jonathan Hall 2007-13 Hons/PhD/Res. Fellow Life Whisperer / Presagen
Dr. Nathan Hall 2009-13 Hons/Masters/PhD  
Dr. Alec Hannaford-Gunn 2018-23 Hons/Masters/PhD U. Adelaide
Dr. Dylan Harries 2013-17 Hons/PhD Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Charles Uni., Prague
Dr. Cael Hasse 2008-13 Hons/PhD Qato Capital
Dr. Fred Hawes 1998 Postdoc Spectral Sciences, Inc ?
Dr. John Hedditch 2000-06 Hons/Postdoc Switchgear Inc.
  Mariusz Hoppe 2003,05,06,10,11 Hons/PhD  
  Wasif Hussain 2017- present MSc/ U. Adelaide
Dr. Parada Hutauruk 2012 PhD Asia-Pacific Centre for Theoretical Physics
  Nicolas Ivancevic 2010-2018? PhD DSTG
Prof. Paul Jackson 2012-present Academic staff  
  Sharon Johnson 1997-2023 PA to Director Retired
Dr. Alex Kalloniatis 2000-04 PhD/Res. Fellow DSTG
Dr. Waseem Kamleh 1999-2023 PhD/Sen. Res. Assoc. Quantum Brilliance
  Stephen Kerr 2009 PhD  
Dr. Jong Soo Kim 2012-13 Postdoc Technische Universität Dortmund ? 
Dr. Adrian Kiratidis 2010-17 PhD


Dr. Ayse Kizilersu 1998-present Senior Res. Assoc.  
Dr. Antonio Lagana 2007-11 PhD  
Dr. Ben Lasscock 2002-07 Hons/PhD TGS (Houston)
Dr. Sarah Lawley 2000-06 Hons/PhD Blue NRG
Dr. Adam Leinweber   Hons/PhD  
Prof. Derek Leinweber 1997-present Assoc. Director  
Dr. Olivier Leitner 1993-2003 PhD Freelance researcher (Paris)
Dr. Zhan-Wei Liu 2013-16 Postdoc Lanzhou U.
A/Prof. Max Lohe 1997-present Academic staff  
Dr. Dinghui Lu 1998 Postdoc Zheiijang U.
Dr. Selim Mahbub 2006-13 PhD/Res. Fellow Freelance researcher?
Dr. Hrayr Matevosyan 2010-21 Senior Res. Assoc Sintelix
  Cheryl McDonnell 1997-98 Admin. Assistant  
Dr. Paddy McGee 2015-present Research Support  
Dr. Dagash Mehta 2005-08 PhD Blackrock Inc.
Dr. Wally Melnitchouk 2000-01 Research Fellow JLab
Dr. Benjamin  Menadue 2003-13 Hons/PhD ANU
Dr. Peter Moran 2006-10 Hons/PhD Vivienne Court Trading
Dr. Danielle Morel 2002-04 Postdoc Emory and Henry College
Dr. Roman  Nevzorov 2013-2017 Research Fellow ITEP, Moscow
Dr. Alan O'Cais 2006-08 Research Fellow Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire
Dr. Benjamin  Owen 2010- Hon/PhD  
Prof. Maria Parappilly 2003-06 PhD Flinders U.
Dr. Bruce  Pearce 1997-99 Research Fellow  
  Skye  Platten 2005-present Hons/PhD  
Dr. Harish Potti 2021-2024 Research Fellow U. Sydney
Dr. Thomas Primer 2008-13 Hons/PhD CTP Insurance Regulator
A/Prof. Ray Protheroe 1999-2005 Academic staff deceased
Dr. Filip Rajec 2013-2020 Hons/PhD Freelance developer (Melb.)
Dr. Dale Roberts 2008-12 Hons/PhD ARC CoE for Climate Extremes
  Jie  Ruan 1997-98 PhD St. George College
  Silvana Santucci 2007-present Office Admin.  
Dr. Andre Scaffidi   Hons/PhD International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA
Dr. Andreas Schreiber 1997-2002 Research Fellow SA Cancer Genome Facility
Dr. Dipan Sengupta  2022-2024 Research Fellow UNSW
Prof. Phiala  Shanahan 2010-16 Hons/PhD MIT
  John Sharley 2010 PhD  
Prof. Radley Shyam 2011-12 Visiting Research Fellow Saha Inst. Nu. Phy. (retired)
  Tom Sizer 1997-2003 PhD  
Dr. Jon-Ivar Skullerud 1997-99 Visiting Research Fellow Maynooth U.
  Claire Smart 1997-99 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Nitesh Soni 2012-13 Postdoc Sanofi (Canada)
Dr. Galib Souadi 2008-13 Masters/PhD Jazan U.
Dr. Andre Sternbeck 2006-08 Postdoc Friedrich-Schiller-Universität
Dr. Finn Stokes 2012-2018 Hons/PhD/Postdoc Forschungszentrum Jülich
Dr. Vincent Stocks 1999 Postdoc TRIUMF
Dr. Sam Stranks 2007-08 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Tasrief Surungan 2005 Academic staff Hasanuddin U.
Prof. Anthony  Thomas 1997-present Director  
  Samuel Thomas 2010-13 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Amalie Trewartha 2010-16 Masters/PhD Toyota Research Institute, California
Prof. Kazuo Tsushima 1997-2001; 2010-2013 Postdoc/Res. Fellow U. Cruzeiro de Sol Sao Paulo
Dr. Lewis Tunstall 2008-13 Hons/PhD Hugging Face (machine learning engineer)
Dr. Sophie Underwood 2009-16 Hons/PhD  
Dr. Lorenz von Smekal 2005-08 Academic staff Helmholtz Research Academy Hesse for FAIR
Dr. Georg Wagner 1997-98 Postdoc U. Tuebingen?
Prof. Ping Wang 2003-05 Postdoc IHEP Beijing
Dr. Xuan-Gong Wang 2014-16 Postdoc CDMPP
Prof. Martin White 2013-present Academic staff  
Dr. Daniel Whittenbury 2009-19 Masters/PhD/Postdoc Lockheed Martin
Prof. Anthony Williams 1997-present Deputy Director  
A/Prof. Jiajun Wu ?-2017 Research Fellow Chinese Academy of Sciences
A/Prof. Ross Young 1999-present PhD/Acad. staff  
A/Prof. James Zanotti 2000-02; 2011-present PhD/Acad. staff  
Dr. Jianbo Zhang 2000-05 Postdoc  

Page author : Dr. Padric McGee