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Study Physics, Chemistry or Earth Sciences and you'll learn from world-class scientists in the geologically diverse environment of Adelaide. You’ll have the chance to use high-tech equipment on our pioneering real-world projects.  

Unique student experiences and teaching

Within the three experimental disciplines, practical experiences in our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities, and access to historical artefacts such as in the Tate Museum, plus extensive exhilarating field work are key to connecting theory with application. 

We offer once-in-a-lifetime study tours, overseas experiences and internships to boost your scientific knowledge, confidence, and employability. 

  • Undergraduate and honours programs

    Our diverse study programs provide students with deep discipline specific knowledge and the skills required for graduate employment in a wide range of science and non-science related careers.  


    Enhance your research and reporting skills, indicate strong commitment, ability and creative thinking to your future employer by completing this prestigious qualification.  


  • Study tours and industry programs

    Oman, look at those rocks!

    Stand on the Moho, examine fossil reefs and walk on ancient ocean crust.

    Explore the geological wonderland of Oman.

    Oman study tour

    National Exploration Undercover School (NExUS)

    NExUS is a prestigious summer school for the next generation of Australian exploration geologists.

    NExUS is funded by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC) and supported by industry, government geoscience institutions and academia.


  • Career boost

    Increase your employability with our extended study options in science including: 

    Summer Research Scholarships (SRS)  

    Work alongside world-class scientists. Summer Research Scholarships (SRS) are available to explore new research areas and uncover new career pathways. 

    Sciences internships 

    Benefit from our strong industry connections and experience real-life working environments to improve employability. 

    The Academy by Deloitte 

    Integrate academic learning with practical application and experience in the workplace through ‘The Academy,’ designed in partnership with Deloitte, the world-renowned professional services firm.  

    Short courses at the Centre for STEM Education and Innovation

    The Centre for STEM Education and Innovation (CSEI) develops bespoke education courses for industry and student participants. These specialised courses are delivered by our world-leading experts from across the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology including from within our School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences.

  • Student support

    We offer many different forms of support to our students such as drop-in centres, workshops, one-to-ones with tutors, online resources, student mentors. We understand the need to balance studies with life commitments and we are here to help you prepare and manage your academic study.  

    Student support

    Join our official Chemistry discipline LinkedIn Group for a network of like-minded chemists – past and present graduates. Stay connected about chemistry achievements, exciting career pathways, job opportunities, and much more.  

  • Prizes and awards

    The School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences recognises outstanding achievement of students through a range of scholarships and prizes. 

    We acknowledge the generosity of the many donors and industry partners that has made these awards available to our students. 


HDR opportunities

Higher degree by research opportunities

Whether intending to work in research or industry, a higher degree by research or other postgraduate study can equip students with a clear competitive edge.  

Find out more about studying a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  

HDR opportunities

Student testimonials

Explore students’ past learning experiences to further understand study and career opportunities: 

At the University I was able to work closely with world leaders in my field and learn from them in an incredibly supportive environment. It was the best possible start to my academic career.

Phiala Shanahan

Phiala Shanahan

BSc (High Perf Comp Phys)(Hons); PhD (Physics & Astro) 

I chose the BSc(Adv) degree at the University of Adelaide because I knew that I wanted to get into research and this degree gave me the flexibility to choose my subjects, a cohort of like-minded, motivated and enthusiastic young scientists and research experience from as early as second year.

Gemma Gransbury

Gemma Gransbury

BSc(Advanced), double chemistry major; BSc(Hons), in chemistry

My time at the University of Adelaide has been extraordinary, challenging and life-changing. I love the social interaction and field-work component of studying earth sciences. During my undergraduate and PhD studies I have travelled around Australia and the world. I am now a part of a global community of geoscientists.

Bonnie Henderson

Bonnie Henderson

BSc. (Hons) in geology; PhD in earth sciences