Higher Degrees by Research

Whether you intend to work in academia, government or industry, a higher degree by research can give you a competitive edge throughout your career.

With our research areas positioned above world standards*, and six disciplines ranked in the top 50 globally^, our internationally renowned academics are at the cutting edge of research and discovery.

By undertaking a research degree with us, you will be involved in discovery, innovation and cutting-edge research. Our strong focus on addressing global challenges creates a highly stimulating setting for our students interested in changing the world.

We provide a stimulating environment for research students. Be part of a thriving research culture which promotes excellence, fosters creativity and catalyses success.

Study options

Join our Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy research programs and experience specialised and research-intensive study.

  • Finding research opportunities

    Research degrees in laboratories and groups at the University are highly competitive.

    Finding a research project that drives your passion is a two-step process:

    1. You need to find an opportunity to work on a project that interests you, and then
    2. You will need to find a supervisor to work with.

    Your highest chance of success will likely come from identifying areas that are a good ‘fit’ to your own research interests and your previous research experience.

    If you find a lab or group that matches the criteria, contact them directly by email to introduce yourself. At this point, you should provide evidence of your academic achievements and, most importantly, details and evidence of your previous research training, such as scientific publications.

  • Found a research opportunity?

    Once you have decided on a research project, an Academic will need to assess your eligibility.

    Send the following to your potential supervisor or to one of our Postgraduate Coordinators for an initial assessment:

    Once you have emailed the above to your potential supervisor, you can apply for admission and scholarships through the Adelaide Graduate Research School. 

  • Admissions and scholarship applications

    The Adelaide Graduate Research School administers applications for both admission and scholarships (domestic and international).

    Admissions and scholarship applications


    Scholarships for research degrees are available to international and domestic students. You can increase your chances of gaining a scholarship by having an established list of published research papers in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals.

    Domestic students International students

  • Hear from us

    Considering taking the next step and studying a Research Degree with us? Check out the recording of our recent info session to hear from a range of speakers what it’s like to undertake a research degree at UoA.

Industry engaged research

The University of Adelaide Industry PhD (UAiPhD) is an exceptional and innovative 4 year program, which includes a 6 month industry placement.

Gain valuable understanding about how organisations innovate and solve real world problems, making an impact with your research while gaining a significant employment advantage. 

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For more information, please contact the Adelaide Graduate Research School