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With an outstanding track record that produces real commercial outcomes, we are committed to investing in business excellence and delivering the highest quality results for our local and global community.

We work with industry and government to cultivate new ideas and innovations.

Partnership benefits

A partnership with us can help your organisation achieve its objectives.

We can:

  • Bring together world-class researchers and technology platforms;
  • Access a range of specialist institutes and centres;
  • Provide business expertise to transform ideas into commercial outcomes; and
  • Leverage your organisation's research investment, by accessing funds that support research-industry collaborations.

Partner with the University

Work with our students

We help industry to connect with our students through mentoring, placements, research projects and graduate recruitment opportunities. We are always looking to collaborate with different organisations. Working with our students can assist with talent identification for graduate employment opportunities.

Work with our students

Collaborate with our researchers

Collaborative research projects offer significant scope for the development of new knowledge and practices, new patents, solutions to technical problems and in some cases, the development of new products - all of which can translate into significant economic and social advantages.

Through our business development collaborations, we have assisted public and private organisations by providing expert consultants and access to a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that may not otherwise be available.

Our research

Case studies

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To enquire about research collaboration opportunities with the faculty, please contact Dr Steve Kern, Business Development Manager.