Message from the school

Katherine Bartsch

Welcome to the School of Architecture and Built Environment. Architecture and the related built environment disciplines are not merely about providing efficient shelter or high-yielding investment opportunities. They are also about great design and a desire to make the world a better more habitable place. 

We continue our strong tradition in research and focus on two key areas of architecture and the built environment: Sustainability and Humanism.

Adelaide is a particularly good laboratory to study and teach sustainability. It is hot, arid and energy poor, in a world that is becoming hotter and where water and energy are becoming much more of an issue. We are fortunate to have world-leading experts in this field on our staff.

Our humanism focus is based on this wonderful city of Adelaide, where we have a strong creative arts culture and what we believe to be the largest and most dynamic creative scene in Australia. We aim to place architecture and the related disciplines at the centre of the city’s creative economy. If you are interested in the built environment I encourage you to think about studying, researching or collaborating with us. 

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