School of Architecture and Civil Engineering Prize and Awards Ceremony – Engineering disciplines 2023

On the 17th of November, the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering held the Prize and Awards Ceremony for the engineering disciplines.

The National Wine Centre hosted the intimate and hands-on ceremony.

Professor Jane Burry

The Head of School, Professor Jane Burry had the privilege to welcome the winners, family, and staff to the celebratory afternoon.

Professor Martin Lambert

Professor Martin Lambert gave an inspiring speech to the attending students.

Dr. Michael Leonard
People doing an activity together

The master of ceremonies Dr. Michael Leonard curated the ceremony, he prepared an activity for the winners, their families, and the staff to enjoy together.

Congratulations to all the prize and award recipients; the School is proud of your academic accomplishments and successes. Best wishes in your further endeavours!

Prize winners

Prize winners

The Dr George Sved Prize for Civil Engineering 
Mia Matthew-Klose

The ICE Award - Performance 
Ben Barrow, Gleb Lebedev, Mia Mathew-Klose, Samuel Moseley, and Mitchell Roberts

The ICE Award - Innovation 
Guillaume Stander, Finn Wearing, and Max White 

The Optimatics Prize in Water Engineering 
Somil Boora 

The Robert Warner Medal
William Grow

The Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia Prize 
William Grow

The Robin Memorial Prize 
Jack Evangelista

The Structural Engineering Research Group Prize 
Jack Evangelista, and Haralambos Rassias

The Water Engineering Research Group Prize 
Daniel Marchesan, Thomas Oates, and Oscar Page

The Environmental Engineering Research Group Prize
Nicholas Jurkovic, Cammie Williams, and Nathan Lines

The School would like to extend its acknowledgment and gratitude to the donors and sponsors for their valued ongoing support. Appreciation to the family and friends of Dr George Sved, AM, the alumni and friends of Professor Robert Warner, The Institute of Civil Engineers ICE, Optimatics Pty Ltd, and The Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia.

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