As the mountains

As the mountains Wenxiu Zhang

By Wenxiu Zhang, Design Studio I


Design Studio I culminates in a major landscape architecture assignment. Students were required to redesign Wills Court.

The site is located on the University of Adelaide, North Terrace campus in between the Hughes, Wills and Elder Hall Buildings. Given the site’s proximity to Elder Hall students were required to embrace the theme of ‘sound’ as a concept form generator for the new courtyard space.

During Studio students engaged with sound and musical performances, to inspire movement, experimentation and playfulness in an abstract 2D form. Students were then required to interpret, manipulate and resolve these abstractions and utilise them as form generators for the design composition of Wills Court.

As part of the proposal, students were required to manipulate the existing ground plane in a radical way. Students were required to consider how people traverse the site, whilst maintaining the existing levels of doorways, entry foyers and emergency stairs etc. in compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and to ensure accessibility into and through the site.

This project was submitted during Week 12 of the students’ first semester. This is an abridged version of the original submission.

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