Bushfire Prevention Linear Park

Bushfire Prevention Linear Park

By Azhrudin Coulthard, Studio: Landscape Architecture


The City of Onkaparinga is located in the southeastern portion of South Australia approximately 40km from Adelaide CBD.

The district is bordered on the west by the Saint Vincents coastline and on the southeast by high terrains. The total estimated population for the district is 169,372 people. The district's photographic valleys, seaside cliffs, and rolling hills can be perceived as being scenic.

However, once examined the location of the coastal township situated to the south suggests the potential for scaled devastation that will threaten the risk of survival for residents and holidaymakers if a bushfire was ever to occur and the threat of residences becoming trapped would be a strong possibility in forcing the need for this study.

The Bushfire Prevention Linear Park aims to explore and investigate conceptual and realistic environmental and topographical landscape architectural interventions that can be introduced with a focus on the issue of Bushfires.

This project explores interventions that are implemented to allow for residences or holidaymakers to have safe travel routes to escape from the site or a place for safe refuge during bushfire events.

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