CAIM Community Complex, Mount Lofty

All in CAIM community complex - picture will open up to a PDF

By Miah Thorpe, Design Studio III


Urban sprawl, an increased cost of living, loneliness and the environmental impact of building construction spurred a returned trend in communal living in the 21st century.

An age-old strategy for survival, communal living can be so much more today.

The community complex of CAIM, proposed for Mount Lofty, South Australia accommodates 75 residents in a project of alluring design, derived from the ionic volute. At it’s core, CAIM strives for symbiosis between the public and private spheres to nurture a community.

Noting the weakest point in satisfaction alluding to insufficient privacy, the private quarters at CAIM are significantly larger.

However community areas are still spacious and numerous; for example the Section with Perspective features a large Children’s Play Area with Scott Morrison inside, for consumers’ scale comprehension. 

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