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Co-Living Safeheld - explanation in PDF

By Abdulaziz Altoti, Design Studio III


My project, “Safeheld” is a co-living design that focuses on promoting recovery and rehabilitation from substance abuse by encouraging social interaction through its form and structure.

By creating a sense of community through its interconnected structure, the design exposes the residents to a supportive social environment which will help with their rehabilitation process.

The multilayered structure of the building was chosen to naturally integrate the design into the characteristics of the natural landscape, taking advantage of the sloping terrain of the Adelaide hills to create a structure that naturally lends itself to mass residence. This design takes advantage of the large flat area towards the peak of the hills, converting it into a large open community area, helping

The building offers a variation of private living quarters in an effort to respect the privacy of the occupants whilst also serving the needs of families and efficiently housing a suitable amount of people. There are 72 rooms in the facility with rooms in the lower levels able to hold up to 5 people at a time, while the rooms towards the peak of the facility are designed to fit a single occupant each.

Interactions between residents are encouraged by the buildings layout, particularly the corridors which direct the occupants from their rooms to community spaces. Each floor features a community space and a medical centre to promote socialisation and also remove the stigma from seeking medical assistance if necessary.

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