Erin Dela Cruz - Cornucopia

By Erin Dela Cruz, Representation I


The story of the demigod Heracles (also known as Hercules) and Achelous began as they fought over the maiden, Deianira.

As they fought, the river god Achelous, transformed into a snake, then into a bull. It was then Heracles cut off his horn and defeated Achelous.

The nymphs of Achelous’ river turned his horn into the cornucopia, filled with fruits and flowers.

The project: Volume for You, where students create an abstract volume (made from foam-core) that is derived from the orthographic drawings created in Assignment 2B (drawings which capture two abstract models, both representing 'Who They Are' -an interpretation of their name, and the translation of a scene/object/emotion from a dream). Students then create an A1 poster which represents their volume. The poster features the following components: plan and elevation, section with one-point perspective, two-point perspective exterior view, axonometric (plan-oblique) drawing, collage using Adobe Photoshop showing atmosphere.

The course was made possible through the teaching assistance of Jesse Zilm (tutor), Madeline Nolan (demonstrator) and Tom Borgas (guest lecturer).

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