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Jacob Graham - Fringe Hub

By Jacob Graham, Representation III


The booklet is the process of creating a new building for which the Fringe HQ will be located.

The location of the HQ is on the corner of Rundle Street and East Terrace overlooking the Eastern Parklands. The design idea of the building is to implement public access into the building showcasing the Fringe, while still being used as the place in which the Fringe operates from.

Skills learned through the course of the semester will be applied to aid the process and final design outcome, being a unique and well developed building.


The project: Three acrobats enter from stage right, taking centre position. The troupe leader clicks play and the journey of Representation III begins. 

Taking inspiration from the Adelaide Fringe—a calendar event as synonymous with March as the return of first semester—students navigate their way through a series of tasks while utilising multiple software tools; each learning to work quickly and reactively with the aid of digital prototyping techniques. 

The outcome of tasks enable students to refine their skillset - further developing their communication through diagram with a focus on decision making, narrative, and concepts.

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