All in Ground Up - see PDF for more information

By Kate Maiden, Design Studio III


Welcome home. To a place where you know all your neighbors by name before you move in.

To a place where you can unwind surrounded by some of the most scenic bush Australia has to offer.

Welcome to GroundUp. The community built on meaningful connections and built by you. 

GroundUp is a co-living village designed to eradicate urban loneliness and encourage a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Housing those of vastly different backgrounds, the village brings opposites together through its design which contains spaces for connection and planned social collisions. To create deep bonds, the community is co-built by residents which is shown to, as precedents show, make meaningful connections that lasts for decades.

Because of this, the design is simple in its construction with wood boxes being laser cut on site and slotted into place by residents. This technique also means that rooms are bespoke and can be planned according to the way in which the different households live.

A strong sense of place is given by the unique Blue Mountains location. In a sunken valley full of bushland, wildlife, waterfalls and a natural creek, residents become aware of the importance of their surroundings and are drawn to it throughout the village design.

Being encapsulated by both nature and each other, GroundUp provides the perfect backdrop for residents to grow up and grow old. As Jon Addison says, “Community is based on a sense of place and purpose” – and this is especially true in this unique community. 

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