Infinity Net

Infinity Net

By Danci Zhang, Studio Cultures: Landscape Architecture


The project Infinity Net is located in the centre of the University of Adelaide, Waite Campus.

The core issue is to provide a place for student activities. Defining the “Field Condition”, Stan Allen describes it as “any formal or spatial matrix capable of unifying diverse elements while respecting the identity of each. Field configurations are loosely bounded aggregates characterised by porosity and local interconnectivity.

What is intended here is close attention to the production of difference at the local scale, even while maintaining a relative indifference to the form of the whole.” Inspired by this, I developed three diagrams which indicate the grid network. Each grid exists independently but the boundaries between them are related to each other in some form. Although these grids are independently distinguished, there is an internal connection between them.

The basic site topography is generated by these diagrams. Different diagrams can be given different functional characteristics, such as leisure, gathering, sports, etc. Since these diagrams are not central, different functional blocks can extend to the surrounding infinitely, or appropriately interlace each other. Also, this is the reason the project was named “Infinity Net”.

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