Let it flood, let it grow

Ziyan Qi Let it flood

By Ziyan Qi, Studio: Landscape Architecture


The project LET IT FLOOD LET IT GROW introduces multiple strategies to cope with the extreme flooding that happens seasonally in Onkaparinga.

Different from the traditional flooding-proof strategies, the project aims to minimize the damages of flooding by involving a virtuous circle, which starts from expanding the local greenery coverage, stabilizing the soil to provide media for absorbing and storing water, to making uses of water overflow. 

The methodology supporting the whole project started from a dynamic site analysis, including looking into the natural hydrology, the rainfall patterns, the existing vegetation coverage and urban context in order to assess the impacts and potentials of seasonal flooding. By looking into the specific prototype region in the second phase, the possible internal relationships between various elements in the washpool area are hypothesized and tested by a series of generic simulations.

After this process, the locations of added vegetation, planting patterns and water facilities could be determined and connected with each other under logical interlinkages to either save the constructing budgets or decreasing the pollutions. The planting species and soil types are also taken into consideration to make the project better suited to the local conditions.

As a result, the design scheme shows the potential to transform the washpool area into a wetland park. The park aims to simulate a natural growing environment. It is also valuable in attracting investments and economic support by increasing the touristic value of Onkaparinga. 

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