Hau Zhu Liberty - see PDF for all information

by Hao Zhu, Design Studio V

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This course develops design as a speculative process of inquiry and experimentation.

It involves knowledge acquisition and the continuing development of skills to conceptualise, resolve and present well-reasoned architectural ideas through drawing, physical and digital modelling and laboratory sessions. Students approach design through an iterative process integrating critically observed aspects of the built environment into 3 dimensional formal propositions. The range of topics interrogated through this process include: site, precedent, human scale, structural engineering principles and material and physical data.

On an allocated site along North Terrace in Adelaide, opposite the SAHMRI,, students were asked to design a mixed-use building, comprised of two or more modules. This was to include some form of residential accommodation and some form of commercial or institutional facility for public use. A wide range of programs were available but students were required to challenge conventional interpretations, and create something that was "exciting, engaging, eye-catching, invoked curiosity, and contributed positively to the urban landscape".

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