New experience in nature

Peng Han Nature

By Peng Han, Studio Cultures: Landscape Architecture


My site is close to many buildings, such as the school of agriculture, food and wine’s teaching building, plant genomics center, etc.

My design will be used as an exhibition and experience area to show some scientific research achievements of students and research institutes in a new way. Moreover, other students and presidents can experience or participate in these achievements on the site. Visitors can cultivate their own plants in soil-less incubators, or they can learn about new plant varieties and new foods. In addition, there are also some devices that can stimulate the senses of visitors. They can experience the smell of food, wine, and even the smell of some special plants. They can also experience different textures through touching something.

The theme of my inspiration is plants. My design used 3D models and diagrams. The inspiration for diagrams comes from the texture related to plants in the site, such as bark, soil, dry branches, etc. Making of 3D models is also related to plants, using fallen bark and leaves. I manipulated 3D models and diagrams in rhino, part of them are changed according to Allen's theory. I tried to develop different ideas or generate different forms of models based on the same graph. Then, I chose three of the most interesting ideas for in-depth development and integrated them together. Finally, I adjusted the basic model according to the site‘s topography and completed the design. 

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