Passing Rain

Reon Evaristo Passing Rain hero image

By Reon Evaristo, Representation I


The collage seeks to illustrate the tranquility and stillness in the moments after the passing of rain.

The subtle presence of crepuscular rays implicates the parting of rain clouds. The reflection on the ground surface and use of bokeh light further alludes to the presence of rain in the moments prior. The choice of colour palette is an attempt towards the synesthetic representation of the smell of petrichor.

The project: Volume for You, where students create an abstract volume (made from foam-core) that is derived from the orthographic drawings created in Assignment 2B (drawings which capture two abstract models, both representing 'Who They Are' -an interpretation of their name, and the translation of a scene/object/emotion from a dream). Students then create an A1 poster which represents their volume. The poster features the following components: plan and elevation, section with one-point perspective, two-point perspective exterior view, axonometric (plan-oblique) drawing, collage using Adobe Photoshop showing atmosphere.

The course was made possible through the teaching assistance of Jesse Zilm (tutor), Madeline Nolan (demonstrator) and Tom Borgas (guest lecturer).

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