Re-discovering Waite

Emmaline McArdle

By Emmaline McArdle, Studio Cultures: Landscape Architecture


Through the lens of entropy and abstract design techniques, the design seeks to re-establish the connection between sites and allow students of all faculties to re-discover the Waite Campus. 

Connection to the Waite Library is severed by traffic that runs along Waite Road. The design rectifies this by absorbing and incorporating the immediate area around the library, creating moments of pedestrian ebb and flow. Using a broad palette of plants for native pollinators throughout the year, and incorporating waste produced by the agricultural industry in seating elements reflects back on the rich innovative agricultural history of the Waite Campus.

The car park along Waite Road also provides a blank canvas to create a new student hub. Through diagramming and abstracting, a new set of typologies were created to give a sense of place. The design highlights the beautiful existing gum trees and experimental orchard, using the trees to blend into the design. Large plinths of red brick reflect back at the Institute Building across the road, while plinths of climbing vegetation refract. Topography of the site is manipulated with undulating grass, creating a larger open space for gathering. Contrastingly, the red brick plinths create their own spaces for exhibitions and presentations away from the busy road.

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