Shichao Deng Retrieval

By Shichao Deng, Studio Cultures


Memory Company: Memory manipulation is a next- generation medical technology offers people a place to implant designed memory or preserve any period of memory during their entire life.

This technique starts to be widely accepted by people all over the world due to global economic regression with growing international tensions and conflicts caused by COVID-19, an infectious disease. The decline of international capacity and rises of unemployment rate exacerbated public dissatisfaction with reality. 

It is in this time, Retrieval is established. We offer people an alternative reality which they might never experience in their life, a singer, movie star, or a spy, killer etc. In addition, our customers are able to store any period of memory in our database, so that they can access them anytime or as a will after they passed away. 

All customers’ memory are securely transferred into a “pearl” which is a encrypted storage device for people retrieving their preserved memory in future days. 

If you are just a visitor, once you enter into the building, the micro memory scanner would collect part of your memory, then you can choose to have your own machine- crafted souvenir. It might be a first birthday present, a mug, a watch or a necklace.

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