Finn May Stagnant

By Finn May, Representation I


Throughout life – no matter how much we try or plead – it seems like all hope is lost.

This scene attempts to evoke cold, disheartening and helpless emotions within the viewer. To create a cold emotive quality, metal textures were used onto the model to make it look aggressive and intimidating, and to emphasize its pointy nature. Blue is typically used for representing sad sentiments which is why it was implemented as the background, in a cracked rough texture.

The word stagnant has a double meaning, firstly because it is a 2D image and it has no physical movement, but also to represent that “stagnant” feeling when nothing seems like it is moving, no matter what you do to try and create momentum your life feels like it’s at a standstill.

The project: Volume for You, where students create an abstract volume (made from foam-core) that is derived from the orthographic drawings created in Assignment 2B (drawings which capture two abstract models, both representing 'Who They Are' -an interpretation of their name, and the translation of a scene/object/emotion from a dream). Students then create an A1 poster which represents their volume. The poster features the following components: plan and elevation, section with one-point perspective, two-point perspective exterior view, axonometric (plan-oblique) drawing, collage using Adobe Photoshop showing atmosphere.

The course was made possible through the teaching assistance of Jesse Zilm (tutor), Madeline Nolan (demonstrator) and Tom Borgas (guest lecturer).

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