The Common Ground

Remy DuBois Common Ground

By Remy DuBois, Design Studio III


The site I have selected for my co-living design project is located in the hilly suburb of Hawthorndene.

25 minutes south-east of the city centre of Adelaide, Hawthorndene is rich with vast tree-scapes and vegetation. Exuding a rural, country town feel, it is the perfect location for THE COMMON GROUND to be a successful, co-living experience. 

The objective of the project was to design a building that would accommodate a vast range of demographics. This included the creation of spaces that encourage and strengthen the social relationships within the community and ultimately, bridge the generational gaps by finding common ground between the young and old residents from all walks of life.

The building has been divided into public and private spaces. The former are vast and full of natural light, comprising organic shapes and textures that help create spaces that inspire and are interesting to inhabit. An abundance of outdoor areas are provided to encourage open air activities, such as gardening and sports, that take advantage of the location’s dynamic views and help to instill an active, social lifestyle in the community. The private spaces comprise modest, but comfortable residential quarters, including individual kitchenettes and bathrooms.

Overall, THE COMMON GROUND set out to create a building that respected the land on which it was situated. Rather than impose itself on the site, it strives to be one with its context, thus inviting like-minded communities to foster a place of generational assimilation and growth.

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