The Permeable Green Infrastructure Network

The permeable green infrastructure network: Incremental vegetation strategy for Onkaparinga

By Jiaming Ma, Studio Landscape Architecture


Human activities and natural processes have gradually led to vegetation loss and transformation in Onkaparinga.

In recent years, the ecological health of the site is declining with the process of urbanisation. The project aimed to create a vegetation network to maximise social, economic, and environmental benefits for the region.

The proposal is to restore ecological potential for the site and create an interconnected Green Infrastructure network, which could improve the vegetation stability as well as enhance environmental health and biodiversity for the future sustainable of Onkaparinga.

The project implements landscape prototypes and performs different tests based on the strategy and incremental growth of three layers (creek + urban + farmland). The outcome integrates these Prototypes as decision-support tools to inform government policies.

The masterplan shows an incremental vegetation strategy, the ecological area grows and improves gradually with the change of time. The performance workflow for the whole permeable Green Infrastructure system manage to integrate vegetation, water systems, people and wildlife together. This project will adapt to seasonal drought and rain and become a resilient, liveable and sustainable plan for the entire intervened area.

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