'The Wash' Recreation Precinct

Luke Kluske Wash

By Luke Kluske, Studio: Landscape Architecture


This proposal proposes the transformation of the Aldinga Washpool seasonal wetland and existing site characteristics to form a series of permanent wetland waterbodies, which collect and treat water from the site and surrounding region during extreme flood events and extended periods of rain.

Interventions incorporated into the refined prototypes and final design synthesis stage include site mounding to prevent erosion, the use of cut and fill methods to determine waterbody characteristics and the inclusion of topographic berms to assist infiltration processes and increase ecological productivity. 

All proposed interventions were driven by specific design tools as outlined within the project, including a focus on incorporating recreational characteristics into this proposal with opportunities for local residents and tourists to undertake various recreational activities, such as sailing, boating and fishing in a naturalistic and highly ecological setting.

In addition, there was a focus on creating a link between site fluid dynamics and human activity patterns, which consist of the inclusion of built elements such as boardwalks and bridges which provide defined access for users whilst also taking them on a journey that specifically aligns with site water patterns. Lastly, a preference on the inclusion of multifunctional site use possibilities has been integrated into all prototype development moving forward, with a focus on providing additional housing for future residents in response to predicted population rises within the Aldinga region. 

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