Industry Lecturers: Warwick Keates and Amanda Balmer of WAX Design win the Cultural Heritage Award of Excellence for Willunga Mainstreet Project

Congratulations to our long-standing School supporters and industry lecturers Warwick Keates and Amanda Balmer of WAX Design. WAX received four awards for public spaces and a private garden, as well as the Future Leaders Award that went to their valued staff member, the wonderful Katarina Baumann. A key project that has garnered rave reviews is the Willunga Mainstreet Project. In receiving the Cultural Heritage Award ofExcellence, the judges noted:


‘The Willunga Mainstreet Project has transformed the town centre into a beautifully crafted setting that evokes Willunga͛s natural history, local stories, settlement past and contemporary future. The key design principles of celebration, repair, correction, replacement and creation, have informed a coherent strategy to unify the diverse narratives and cultural overlays which were uncovered through extensive consultation. Reference to the early surveying device, Gunter͛s Chain, interprets the settlement history of Willunga and the transformation of the landscape from Aboriginal management to European occupation. Artefacts embedded into sculptural seating invite curiosity and enhance the narrative. Locally sourced Willunga Slate used for paving, seating walls, and stormwater drains has been hand-crafted by local artisans. WAX Design and their creative partners are to be highly commended for the delivery of a finely executed precinct, delightfully layered with historical narratives and local content.’

For further information visit the AILA website.

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