Future Leader Award Graduate: Katarina Baumann

Practice: WAX Design

School of Architecture and Built Environment graduate, Katarina Baumann, was recognised – with much cheering – for her leadership and strong commitment to the profession at the AILA SA awards on the evening of Friday 27 July. Congratulations Katarina!

Katarina has demonstrated that she not only has a passion for design and landscape architecture, but also for the profession more broadly and the role it can play in improving the lives of the people affected by the process and the outcomes. Her dedication and commitment to a people-centric design approach, through personable engagement and collaboration, are qualities that reflect well on our profession. Kat͛s broad technical knowledge and project leadership are clearly valued and much sought after within the office. Her dedication to her own professional development, to the development of others through tutoring at Adelaide University, and her contribution to the Institute through the Awards Committee and her involvement with SAILA Fresh, shows a dedication to landscape architecture beyond her work in practice, and traits of a leader of the future.

For more information please visit the AILA website.

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