Alex Lock surveys Adelaide's changing landscape

Alex Lock

Graduate and Alumni, Alex Lock is in the news.

Alex graduated with a double degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Alex is also a member of The School of Architecture & Built Environment (SABE) Professional Advisory Board.

As a senior landscape architect at Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL) and Brand SA ambassador, she has seen a shift in Adelaide’s “changing built landscape and approach to its public spaces and public life within the city” over her eight years as a professional landscape architect.

Originally from Bundaberg, Qld, Lock completed a double master’s degree in architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Adelaide, finding work with TCL not long out of university. Now a senior landscape architect at TCL, her firm has played a large part in this changing landscape and approach to public spaces. Notable TCL projects include the North Terrace redevelopment, the Riverbank masterplan, the Footbridge, the Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga redevelopment and the Festival Plaza. With these, Lock says the bigger picture is always in mind. (Christopher Sanders, September 2018).

For further information visit: The Adelaide REVIEW website.

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