Hojoki Terminal - A Spatial Experiment

The School of Architecture & Built Environment is delighted to announce the realisation of “Hojoki Terminal“, a ‘spatial experiment’ authored by Richard Le Messurier and A/Prof Julian Worrall, installed at the Art Gallery of South Australia and the University of Adelaide on the occasion of the World Tea Gathering 2018, held in Adelaide between November 2-9 under the auspices of the OzAsia Festival.

The project is a temporary structure inspired by concepts in the “Hōjōki” a 13th-century Japanese text by Kamo-no-Chōmei that poetically expresses ideas of impermanence, microcosm, simplicity and non-attachment. Ostensibly a simple platform for the performance of the tea ceremony, the Hojoki Terminal structure is augmented by additional elements that aim to elicit incidental or spontaneous social interactions, catalysing fresh experiences of communication and encounter within public space. These ideas form part of the doctoral research by design of Richard Le Messurier, under the supervision of A/Prof Julian Worrall.

The project is to be installed on the Art Gallery lawns from 2-8 November; and subsequently at the top of the Barr Smith Steps at the University of Adelaide from 9-16 November. A presentation on the project will be made at the World Tea Gathering Symposium, from 3:10pm, Sat Nov 3, at the Radford Auditorium, Art Gallery of South Australia.

This project has been realised with the joint support and cooperation of the Art Gallery of South Australia and the University of Adelaide.

A promotional card and display poster giving further information on the Hojoki Terminal project as seen below. Further details about the World Tea Gathering may be found at: Art Gallery of South Australia – World Tea Gathering.

Hojoiki Terminal
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