Culture, History & Theory

Research in the Culture, History & Theory area addresses a range of social, intellectual, environmental, and economic issues across the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design, employing a distinctive, critical, cross-cultural approach.

Culture, History & Theory

Architectural history and theory, a core area of architectural education, offers insights into the production of and engagement with the built environment of different people in different times and different places. We adopt a human-centred approach to the understanding and writing of the history and theory both of Western and non-Western cultures. Focusing on the intertwined history of modernity, researchers in this cluster offer a variety of new perspectives on the pre-, early, and post-modern traditions of Western and Non-Western peoples.

Our research

Researchers in this area are working on a range of projects that explore the culture, history, and theory of architecture, landscape, and urbanity, including:

  • Early modernity and urbanism in the Arab world.
  • Early modern material culture: a cross-cultural perspective.
  • Art, religion, and the environment.
  • Humanism, science, and sustainable futures.

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