Flagship Projects

Flagship Projects

Interested in gaining hands-on experience with industry and grow your career readiness skills?

Are you fascinated by lunar exploration? Or perhaps you want to know what makes your favourite beer the best beer in the world?

If questions like these spike your curiosity, then you should consider joining a University of Adelaide flagship project.

What is a flagship project?

Flagship projects are strongly multidisciplinary, bringing together academics and students across schools and faculties, with participation from industry.

They deal with real-life problems, current technologies and practices, and challenge your learning experience beyond your program.

Placements are available all year round to suit your study timetable.

Who can participate?

Flagship projects are available to:

  • Undergraduate students who are in the 2nd year or above
  • All postgraduate coursework students
  • Students who have a minimum of 4 weeks (150 hours) available to dedicate to their project

Current opportunities

Microbrewery projects – engineering the perfect pint!

Brewing with grain other than barley

Optimising the malting process

The malting process is critical for the production of beer as it makes the grain produce amylases for conversion of starch to fermentable sugars. In this projects, students can either make a malted oat beer or a weiss (wheat) beer.

Minimum duration: 4 weeks
Open to: Undergraduate and Masters students

Brewing styles: ancient and modern

What makes a beer style great?

There are a multitude of different styles of beer that have been become classic examples over many years as well as new styles continuously being developed. What exactly makes each style unique and what is it about each of these styles that have led to their popularity over many years?

Minimum duration: 4 weeks
Open to: Undergraduate and Masters students

The Drunken Monkey: prehistory and history of fermentation

How is beer and history linked?

Humans are what we eat and drink. This projects aims to look back at why we developed and eat fermented foods and beverages; why we eat cheese, drink beer, pour soy sauce on our rice and celebrate weddings with Champagne, as well as why different cultures celebrate life in totally different ways.

Minimum duration: 4 weeks
Open to: Undergraduate and Masters students

Art and brewing: painting with flavours, aromas, colour and sound

What do beer and art have in common?

This project brings musicians, choreographers, writers, engineers, winemakers, painters, brewers, comedians, scientists and chefs together to share a common language, as well as convey the beauty of life to a universal audience thorough the diverse ways of stimulating the senses.

Minimum duration: 4 weeks
Open to: Undergraduate and Masters students

Getting involved

If you are an industry representative and would like to partner with us, please let us know and we will be in contact to discuss.

Which Microbrewery project(s) do you wish to partner with?

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Thank you for registering your interest to partner with the University of Adelaide and one of our team will be in contact with you soon.

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