Mentors and Volunteers

We seek vibrant and enthusiastic student mentors, volunteers and ambassadors to support first-year students and inspire others to study science, engineering and technology.

Mentors and volunteers

As a faculty volunteer or ambassador, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a number of areas, including: 

  • engagement in the community and industry
  • outreach activities
  • promotional events.

Participating in the program will also allow you to stand out against competing graduates, as it will help you to develop your communication and leadership skills.

Volunteer opportunities

  • Peer mentoring

    The faculty Peer Mentoring Program is designed to provide new students with the knowledge and skills to adapt to and succeed at university. 

    We need students who are eager to share ‘insider’ information to help new students fit in and feel confident with their studies. Our program is an informal way for new students to meet people, engage in activities and receive ongoing peer support.

    Be involved in:

    • Orientation activities
    • Peer mentoring
    • Career and networking events

    If you are research-minded, there are also opportunities to assist with exciting and innovative laboratory and field work. 

    Take this opportunity to make an important contribution. Help create a vibrant learning environment within the faculty today.

    Applications for Peer Mentors currently closed.

  • Student ambassador

    A new SET Ambassador Program was established in 2024.

    SET Ambassadors are a collaborative, positive team that will work together to assist with Faculty marketing initiatives - social media, events, and much more.

    This program aims to cultivate a collaborative environment where volunteers can assist in planning and crafting engaging social media content, providing support at Faculty events, and contributing to diverse marketing initatives across the University.

    Volunteers will gain invaluable experience in marketing-related tasks, honing their abilities and diversfying their skill sets while marking a tangible impact within their field of study. SET Ambassadors will gain experience in STEM marketing and communications activities, adding further diversity to their work experience.

    This program will emphasise the significance of volunteering as a means to not only enhance resumes, but to explore uncharted territories within and outside of the field of study students are specialising in. We will encourage individuals to venture beyond their academic boundaries, fostering personal growth and development in areas they may not have previously explored.

    Only open to students (undergrad and postgrad) from the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology.

    Applications are currently closed for 2024. 

  • Research volunteer

    Be involved in:

    • Assisting research groups
    • Volunteering in labs
    • Research promotion