Facilities and Services

We offer a host of quality teaching, learning and research facilities, including cutting-edge test chambers, labs, workshops and equipment.

Facilties and services
Adelaide Glycomics
A complex carbohydrate analysis laboratory and a collaboration between the University of Adelaide and Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd, a leading provider of bio-analytical instrumentation and applications.

Adelaide Spectroscopy
Research equipment and infrastructure for internal and external researchers in, or associated with, the chemical sciences. This includes nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, x-ray diffraction, spectroscopy and femtosecond laser spectroscopy.

Adelaide Proteomics Centre (APC)
Expert services in mass spectrometry-based protein identification, quantitation, characterisation of post-translational modifications and high throughput screening / QC of small molecules.

Advanced DNA, Identification and Forensic Facility (ADIFF)
A specialised network of forensic experts who apply cutting edge DNA technology and sophisticated chemical analysis to a broad range of biological samples.

Mawson Analytical Spectrometry Services
Analytical services for petroleum geochemistry, palaeoclimatology, soil geochemistry, mineralogy, sedimentary geochemistry, environmental research and biofuel analysis.

Biotechnology and Fermentation Facility
A Multi-Scale Fermentation Facility offering services that aim to improve the winemaking process by seeking to enhance the performance of yeast and bacteria.

Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility (URAF)
Organisational infrastructure and technical and legislative knowledge around the use of unmanned aircraft, or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for a wide range of environmental and agricultural applications.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Clinical and anatomical diagnostic services to veterinary health centres on campus and to local external veterinarians, clinics and hospitals.

Adelaide Microscopy
Advanced instrumentation for microscopy and microanalysis to universities, available to other research institutions and the corporate sector.

A bio-repository home to valuable archival and backup biological materials.

Phoenix High Performance Computing (HPC)
Improve time frames for analysis and processing of big data, increase complexity in models and simulations, and produce the best of innovative and collaborative research.

Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF)
Adelaide Optofab Node: Specialist facilities in microprocessing; microfabrication; and characterisation of fibre, planar and bulk materials, which include silica, metals, ceramics, silicon, polymers and crystals.

Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF)
Analytical tools to support high-throughput phenotyping and deep phenotyping in either controlled environments or in the field, available to all Australian plant scientists.

Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN)
Critical research infrastructure (AusPlots; Eco-Informatics Facility and Australian Transect Network) to support national and international networks of scientists, environmental managers and stakeholders, who need to improve understanding and management of Australia's ecosystems.

Commercial Testing Services - EngTest
Comprehensive engineering laboratory and field testing services to nominated national standards, or design a bespoke solution specific to your needs.

3D Prototyping lab
Our 3D prototyping lab houses ‘Big Rep’, the largest 3D printer of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Big Rep can print using a carbon-filled PLA to produce stronger parts, and students can check their projects’ progress remotely.

Acoustic chambers
We have three high-quality reverberation chambers available for hire, facilitating reliable sound transmission loss, sound absorption and acoustic radiation testing.
Advanced core analysis laboratory
We host an advanced high-pressure, high temperature, multi-phase coreflooding facility that offers services for both university research and commercial work.
Collaborative Design Facility
The Collaborative Design Facility is an industry-first tripartite agreement between Capgemini, the University of Adelaide and Dassault Systèmes implemented to accelerate design innovation through industry, academia and government collaboration.
Drilling fluids laboratory
Our drilling fluid laboratory can provide a wide range of analysis on water-based drilling fluid at standard and HPHT conditions.
Graphene Hub
The Graphene Hub's researchers utilise the Adelaide site’s specialised laboratories to transform graphene’s utility, applying it to such uses as fire-resistant coatings, biosensors, electronic and communication components, and specialised multi-use composites.
Impact Laboratory
The CASR Impact Laboratory is a purpose built facility used for conducting pedestrian sub-system testing. The laboratory is the official testing facility for the pedestrian component of the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) and is the only facility of its kind in Australia.
Innovation Studios
With individual workshops including the Creation Studio, Fabrication Studio and Additive Studio (3D Prototyping Lab); the Innovation Studios feature a wide range of tools and equipment for students to use when working on projects.
Labs and workshops
ECMS has a number of shared labs and a workshop that support the Schools to deliver on their learning and teaching, research objectives, as well as for industry engagement.
Mercury Injection Porosimeter Laboratory
The Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources manages a state-of-the-art Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) Porosimeter Laboratory that offers services for both university research and commercial work.
Silanna picoFAB
The picoFAB is a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility within the University’s Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (ECMS), focused on the generation and commercialisation of innovative semiconductor and microelectronic products.
Sports engineering facilities
We have a range of facilities and equipment suited to sports engineering research, including wind tunnels and motion capture systems.
Video-based optical contact angle measuring system
We manage a Video-based Optical Contact Angle Measuring System that offers services for both university research and commercial work.
Wind tunnels
Adelaide Wind Tunnel is the only industrial-scale wind tunnel in South Australia, and the second largest in Australia. It features three working sections, enabling specialist wind-engineering, aerodynamic closed-section and aerodynamic open-jet studies.
Coobowie Marine Research Station
The Coobowie Marine Research Station provides an ideal base for education and research in South Australian coastal, marine and estuarine environments.
Evidence Synthesis Initiative for Animal and Veterinary Sciences - ESIAVS 
Our experts carry out evidence syntheses, based on published and unpublished material, to inform decision-making for industry or practice. 

Our work broadly spans four themes:

  • Animal husbandry and welfare
  • Food quality, sustainability and security
  • Reproduction and genetics
  • Veterinary clinical practice
Flinders-Baudin Centre, Kangaroo Island 
The centre is jointly managed by the University of Adelaide and the SA Government Department of Environment and Water, and provides an excellent base for environmental education and research.
Koonamore Vegetation Reserve 
Koonamore Vegetation Reserve is one of the longest running ecological monitoring sites in the world. Since 1926 the reserve has provided generations of scientists, students and volunteers the opportunity to study and preserve the unique arid ecology of the region.