About Us

Spanning the breadth of STEM

We are pioneers in STEM. The concentration of world-class STEM expertise within our faculty presents exciting opportunities for fresh approaches to stubborn societal challenges or trans-disciplinary collaboration, like the blend of agriculture and chemical engineering used to create our new microbrewery, or the pairing of technology with biology  

Industry connected

Spanning three campuses, our co-location with major national and global research organisations keeps our researchers and students at the forefront of developing technologies and the latest discoveries in STEM. 

Explore our relationships with industry, our passion for research, and our commitment to education. 

Our schools and disciplines

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

We’re finding new ways to sustainably feed the world in the face of a changing climate, using leading-edge techniques and technology. 

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Our academics and researchers are driving progress in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, welfare and production to help create a healthier, more sustainable world.   

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Our school is enhancing lives by creating dwellings, buildings, landscaped spaces and/or major structures that deliver function, beauty and sustainability.  

School of Biological Sciences

We seek to understand the scale and breadth of the living world from molecules, organisms and broad landscapes that cover Earth. 

School of Chemical Engineering

Our teaching and research underpins all areas of society – from powering our cities and vehicles, to food and wine, and upgrading the smartphones in our pockets. 

School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences

We are driving innovation in everything from biomedical research and finance to cybersecurity, animation and space travel. 

School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

We are the engineers behind the technology that heals, protects and connects us.  

School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Our scientists tackle the world’s biggest challenges, such as extending life, ending world hunger, and fighting climate change. 

Centre for Stem Education and Innovation

The Centre for STEM Education and Innovation is a thriving hub of learning and teaching.