IPAS presents: Semiconductor quantum materials and quantum optics

Presented by the Institute for Photonics and Sensing, you're invited to this special event featuring a lecture by the newly appointed Professor Glenn Solomon.


"The interaction of quantum states of matter with light encompasses a broad swath of science and technology; for instance, spanning atomic physics to telecommunications. Here, I will focus on the moderately narrow window of light interactions with semiconductor quantum matter.

After a broad introduction including my highly opinionated definition of quantum matter, I will discuss three of our recent experiments covering optical states in semiconductor quantum dots, their interaction with nanofabricated microcavities, and topological edge states in single monolayers of graphite—graphene.

Optical processes in quantum materials requires the interaction of many disciplines, and I will partially highlight the material science, physics and engineering aspects essential in the success of these experiments in semiconductors."

About the speaker

Glen Solomon

New to the University of Adelaide, Professor Glenn Solomon holds the inaugural Hicks Chair in Quantum Materials, and is in the Physics Department and IPAS. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and The Optical Society, and a Fulbright Scholar. He is currently an editor of Applied Physical Reviews.

Glenn is leading the newly-established University of Adelaide quantum materials program, bringing together physicists, engineers, material scientists, key strategic industry partners and DSTG to identify and provide solutions to variety of near- and long-term problems where quantum materials and solid-state quantum devices can affect impactful change.

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