Chemistry Seminars - 2022

Researchers from the Department of Chemistry host regular seminars to showcase their work across applied projects in health, environment, energy technology and defence.

Academics and students from collaborative institutions are also invited to share their research and knowledge when visiting our department and school.

The seminars are open to the public, industry, researchers from other departments, schools and universities, and to current and past students.


Seminar schedule

  • Location: Macbeth Lecture Theatre - Badger building | Map
  • Time: 12:00 - 1:00pm (unless otherwise stated)
Date Speaker Presentation
Fri 11 Feb
Braggs Lecture Theatre
Shaun Ellis
MPhil Student University of Adelaide
The development of improved mass spectrometry techniques for sensitive biomolecule detection 
Thur 17 Feb
3 pm
Belinda Boehm
PhD Student, University of Adelaide

Understanding and controlling the solution-phase and interfacial morphology of organic semiconductors

Fri 18 Feb

Josephine Smernik
MPhil Student, University of Adelaide

Metal-organic frameworks as supports for catalysts

Fri 18 Feb Joe Milne
MPhil Student, University of Adelaide
Porous frameworks for biomolecule encapsulation
Fri 4 Mar

Dr. Tanglaw Roman, Flinders University

Immobilised metal-organic catalysts: factors that promote activity and durability

Monday 7 Mar
4 pm
Professor Timothy Schmidt
University of New South Wales

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Wave Function

Fri 11 Mar 

Jessica De La Perrelle
PhD Student, University of Adelaide

Electron and Hole Transfer in PM6:Y6 Nanoparticles
Thur 17 Mar
3 pm
Dr Antonio Calabrese
University of Leeds

Illuminating the molecular choreography of intrinsically disordered proteins involved in neurodegenerative disease and viral replication

Thur 24 Mar 
3 pm

Andre Birve
Lewis McFarlane
PhD Student, University of Adelaide



Snake Venom Proteins-The Importance of Understanding Their Structure

Fri 8 Apr
12 pm
A/Prof Jie Zhang,
Monash University
Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
Fri 8 Apr
4 pm
A/Prof Alex Bissember
University of Tasmania
Improving the understanding and synthetic scope of catalytically-active transition metal complexes

Thur 21 Apr
3 pm

Jenica Madridejos
PhD Student,
University of Adelaide

Towards the photophysical nature of the triphenylphosphine-stabilized nonagold cluster and its catalytic applications
Fri 22 Apr
12 pm
Alexandra Stuart
PhD Student, University of Adelaide
Thur 19 May
3 pm 
Harshal Patel
PhD student, University of Adelaide
Synthesis and Applications of Substituted Bullvalenes and The Total Synthesis of Endiandric Acid Natural Products
Fri 20 May Prof Ivan Kassal The University of Sydney. Simulating Chemistry on Quantum Computers
Thur 2 Jun Thomas Anthony
PhD Student, University of Adelaide
Fri 3 Jun Prof Jun Huang
University of Sydney
Nanoscale characterization of catalysts for sustainable chemical process
10 Jun Prof Michael James
Australian Synchrotron
Chemistry at the Australian Synchrotron
Fri 17 Jun A/Prof Melanie MacGregor
Flinders University
Nanofluid adsorption to advanced materials for energy and biotechnology applications
24 Jun A/Prof Sally Plush
Applications of luminescent probes to unlock biology
Mon 11 Jul
11 am
Prof Varinder Aggarwal
University of Bristol
Assembly Line Synthesis
Fri 22 Jul Rene Königs 
RWTH Aachen University

Taming Beasts – Controlling Reactive Intermediates for Drug Discovery

Fri 5 Aug Dr Isobella Stone
University of Adelaide
Synthesis of Antihomoaromatic Mechanistic Probes for Cytochrome P450 Catalysed Desaturation
Fri 19 Aug Prof Rachel Caruso

The energy challenge - an opportunity for chenmistry

Fri 26 Aug Prof Scott Anderson
University of Utah

Effects of sub-nano cluster size on electrochemical activity

Fri 2 Sept Prof Cyrille Boyer
Fri 9 Sept Prof Kerry Wilkinson
University of Adelaide

Novel methods for the amelioration of smoke tainted wine

Fri 16 Sept Dr Emma Watson
University of Adelaide
Fri 7 Oct Prof Joe Shapter
University of Queensland

Enhancing solar cells and catalysts using 2D nanomaterials

Fri 14 Oct Prof Debbie Silvester-Dean
Curtin University
Fri 21 Oct Dr Karolina Matuszek
Monash University
Fri 28 Oct Dr Jens Blotevogel
CSIRO Land and Water
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