Global Megatrends in Sustainable Food and Fibre Production - Study Australia Masterclass

The Study Australia Masterclass Series brings together some of Australia’s most renowned academics. Join us as they shine a light on the global issues defining our future.

Professor Andy Lowe solves some of the most pressing global resource, production and landscape sustainability challenges. His focus is the responsible and economically-realistic application of technological innovations. Professor Lowe is an expert in plants and trees, particularly the management of genetic, biological and ecosystem resources. He is passionate about communicating science, particularly on the threats and solutions to biodiversity pressures.

Food and natural resource production is undergoing the most significant change since the industrial revolution. Current changes are driven by a number of influences including food security, dietary health, responsible production and agtech developments, supporting greater efficiencies.

Join Professor Lowe as he explores these forces and their potentially sustainable and technological solutions. These include using increase crop yields and DNA timber tracing to end illegal logging supply, turning food waste into nutraceuticals and cosmetics, and harnessing the bio foundry of plant cells to produce the proteins, pharmaceuticals and materials that will ultimately allow us to live on Mars.

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