Chemistry Seminars - 2023

Researchers from the Discipline of Chemistry host regular seminars to showcase their work across applied projects in health, environment, energy technology and defence.

Academics and students from collaborative institutions are also invited to share their research and knowledge when visiting our school.

The seminars are open to the public, industry, researchers from other departments, schools and universities, and to current and past students.


Seminar schedule

  • Location: Macbeth Lecture Theatre - Badger building | Map
  • Time: 12:00 - 1:00pm (unless otherwise stated)
Date Speaker Presentation
Jan 20 Dr. Aaron Elbourne
RMIT University
High-resolution AFM, Bio-interfaces, and Developing New Colloidal Therapeutics 
Feb 17 Zohaib Raza    
UoA - PhD Student
Diagnosis and therapeutics of intrinsically disordered protein misfolding disorders
Mar 10 Sam Dama    
UoA - PhD Student
Wild Nicotiana: Profiling the Alkaloids of Australian Species
Mar 24 Dr. Daniel Priebbenow
Monash University
Organosilicon Functional Groups in Photochemical Synthesis and Transition-Metal Catalysis
Mar 31 Prof. Rich Payne    
University of Sydney
New Technologies for the Synthesis and Semi-Synthesis of Bioactive Modified Proteins
Apr 13 Dr. Gemma Gransbury    
University of Manchester
AtomAccess: A Predictive Tool for Molecular Design and its Application to Dysprosocenium Single-Molecule Magnets
Apr 21 Dr. Tatiana Soares da Costa
University of Adelaide
Overcoming the rise of superbugs and noxious weeds
May 9 Dr. Neil Robinson
University of Western Australia 
Magnetic resonance of porous engineering systems
May 12 Prof. Joe Shapter
University of Queensland 
Enhancing Solar Cells and Catalysts using Novel Nanomaterials
May 19 Alecia Gee
UoA - MPhil student
Combining machine-learning and rational design for engineering heme enzyme biocatalysts
May 26 Dr. Divina Navarro
PFAS in the Environment: Understanding and Managing the Risks of Forever Chemicals
Jun 2 Dr. Martel Snel
Enabling Translational Biomedical Research with Mass Spectrometry
Jun 30 A/Prof. Anton Blencove

A paradigm shift in engineering pH-responsive micelle systems for drug delivery

Jul 3 at 3pm Prof Chris Vanderwal
University of California Irvine
Chemical Synthesis of Bioactive Diterpenoids
Jul 7 Sarah French
UoA - PhD student

Biomimetic total synthesis of Atrachinenins A & B

Jul 14 Prof. Jean-Didier Maréchal
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Developments and Applications of Molecular Modeling for the Design of New-to-Nature Metalloenzymes

Jul 21 Prof. Jiangtao Xu

Precision Synthesis of Polymer Materials Mimicking Natural Perfection

Aug 4 Pol Gimeno
UoA - PhD student

Engineering new Zr-MOFs for the X-ray crystallographic elucidation of site-isolated metal complexes

Aug 11 Anna Ghith
UoA - PhD student
Aug 21 Dr Andreas Schneeman
TU Dresden
Aug 25

Jacob Hart
UoA - PhD Student

Sep 1

Joel Lee
UoA - PhD Student

Sep 8

Dr. Veronika Pape
University of Adelaide

Sep 29

Prof. Graeme Moad

Oct 20

Prof. Enrico Gaspera

Nov 10

Dr. Andrew Danos
Durham University

Nov 17

Dr. Ed Robins

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