Earth Sciences Seminars - 2023

Researchers from the Department of Earth Sciences host regular seminars to facilitate a collaborative approach which applies cutting-edge methods to issues vital to sustaining our way of life on this planet.

Academics and students from collaborative institutions are also invited to share their research and knowledge when visiting our department and school.

The seminars are open to the public, industry, researchers from other departments, schools and universities, and to current and past students.

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  • Location: Online via Zoom or Mawson Lecture Theatre - Mawson building | Map
  • Date/time: Fridays 3.00pm to 4.00pm, unless otherwise noted
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What's on

Semester 1

Date Speaker(s) Presentation
Fri 3 March Earth Sciences HDR Showcase #1 Project talks by Sharmaine Verhaert, Thomas Burke, and Oliver Pring
Fri 10 March Earth Sciences HDR Showcase #2 Project talks by Fletcher Nixon, Vanessa Nowinski, Johann Soares, and Kosuke Tsutsui
Fri 17 March Earth Sciences HDR Showcase #3 Project talks by Ananyaa Deepak, Yaser Noorian, and Ruiqi Zheng.
Fri 24 March

Alexander Simpson

Dr Sohom Roy

Novel laser ablation geochronological techniques and their applications.

How lava flows affect sedimentary organic matter

Fri 31 March Dr Kathryn Cutts
Geological Survey of Finland
What do Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and Finland have in common?
Fri 7 April Break N/A
Fri 14 April Break N/A
Fri 21 April Break N/A
Fri 28 April Dr Ellyse Bunney
University of Adelaide and CSIRO
Timber tracking and food traceability: applications of isotopic provenancing.
Fri 5 May

Dr William McMahon
University of Cambridge

Prof Dietmar Muller
University of Sydney

Exploring the sedimentological impact of evolving land plants.

Understanding the deep-time tectonic carbon cycle by linking thermodynamic and plate tectonic models.

Fri 12 May Dr Adriana Dutkiewicz
University of Sydney
Tracking the vigour of Cenozoic ocean bottom currents using vanished deep-sea sediments.
Fri 19 May Alexander De Vries Van Leeuwen
University of Adelaide, Geological Survey of South Australia, and MinEx CRC
Heat production powered metamorphism.


Semester 2

Date Speaker(s) Presentation
Mon 31 July

Dr Kathryn Goodenough
British Geological Survey

Lithium pegmatites: a critical resource for the energy transition.
Fri 4 August

Dr Rachelle Kernen
University of Adelaide

Evaporites and clean energy.
Fri 11 August

Dr Mathieu Schuster
Institut Terre et Environnement de Strasbourg

Clastics in Lacustrine Sedimentary Systems: the pivotal role of wind-driven hydrodynamics evidenced from littoral landforms and numerical modeling
Fri 18 August

David Baker
University of Adelaide

Dr Adam Abersteiner
University of Adelaide

Postgraduate showcase #1: Magnetotelluric imaging of the Australian Lithospheric Continent.

Kimberlite petrogenesis from deep mantle to eruption.

Fri 25 August

Ferdinand Mayer-Ullman
University of Adelaide

Prof Ian Campbell
Australian National University

Postgraduate showcase #2: Thermal history of the East Antarctic margin: Campaign-style apatite U-Pb and fission track study.

Porphyry copper deposits: what we know and what we need to know.

Mon 28 August Dr Sian Evans
University of Oslo
Salt tectonics: insights from 3D seismic data and implications for CO2 storage
Fri 1 September

Assoc. Prof Ingrid Anell
University of Oslo

A story in Stone - A deserted island and its elusive Triassic clinoforms.
Fri 8 September

Dr Agathe Lisé-Pronovost
University of Melbourne

How to use Earth's magnetic field as a dating tool for Australia's natural and cultural history: recent advances using lake sediments, stalagmites and lava flows.
Fri 15 September

Dr Derrick Hasterok
University of Adelaide

Dr Darwinaji Subarkah
University of Adelaide

Novel software to process laser ablation geochemical maps.

In situ U-Pb dating of carbonates using an image mapping approach.

Fri 6 October

Francisca Mallea Lillo
University of Adelaide

Postgraduate Showcase #3: Crystal and isotopic constraints on magma genesis and ascent in modern and ancient arcs in Southern Chile and South Australia.

Fri 13 October

Victor Vincent
University College Dublin

Dr Ulrich Harms
GFZ Potsdam

Geology and geochemistry of a vein-type Zn-Pb-Cu deposit from the Benue Trough of Nigeria: Insights into the origin of epigenetic ore systems in West and Central Africa.

Basic research in Earth Sciences using Continental Scientific Drilling: Opportunities, Challenges, and Experiences

Fri 20 October

Dr Ian Smith
University of Auckland

Amin Shokrollahi
University of Adelaide

Are andesites the result of magma crystallization?

Postgraduate Showcase #4: Secondary Migration Modelling for multivariate Exploration Planning: An Analytical Approach.

Fri 27 October

Dr Jack Mulder
University of Adelaide

Building Earth's first continents: The Hafnium isotope record of the Hadean-Archean transition.
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