CSSM news updates from 2016

2016 : September

INPC 2016, Sunday 11/9 to Friday 16/9. The 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference was held in Adelaide 11-16 September, 2016 and is a major meeting in the field and is held only once every three years and rotates between Europe, North America and the rest of the world, and this was the first time that the Conference was held in Australia. INPC 2016 was attended by 500 international and national participants. Professor A.W. Thomas was the INPC 2016 Chair.

2016 : July

  • Sophie Underwood has qualified for her PhD, supervised by Professor Tony Thomas.
  • John Sharley has qualified for his PhD, supervised by Professors John Carver and Tony Thomas.
  • PhD candidate Finn Stokes (supervisor Professor Derek Leinweber) has been awarded an Intel Student Fellowship. One of only two such Fellowships, this was given for his outstanding research accomplishments in the field of Lattice QCD. The award, sponsored by Intel, will be presented at Lattice 2016, the International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory to be held at University of Southampton, UK in July. 

2016 : April

Preparations are well under way for this year's International Nuclear Physics Conference, to be held in Adelaide in September this year.

2016 : March

Prof. Tony Thomas gave an interview on Radio Adelaide's "The Sound of Science" series, entitled "The Science of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle".

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