3D Printing of Optical Calibration Objects for High Resolution Medical Imaging

Our group develops highly novel imaging scanners that scan the body using optical coherence tomography.

When developing and using these scanners in medical trials, it is important to regularly acquire scans of standardised, calibration objects. Examining the scans of these calibration objects allows us to rapidly identify when there are problems with the scanner.

In this project, the student will first gain a deep understanding of the physics underlying optical coherence tomography to understand which aspects of the scanner are important to characterise. The student will then design a set of calibration objects that will allow us to easily assess the quality of the scanner.

To fabricate the calibration objects, the student will use our recently-purchased Form2 SLA 3D printer from FormLabs, USA.

Prerequisites: The student must have a strong background in optics and photonics, and practical experience in building optical setups.

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