Characterisation of the Dosimetric Properties of Radiochromic Films


Dosimetry - image courtesy Michael Douglass

Radiochromic films are a self-developing, radiation sensitive film. Due to their self-developing and high spatial resolution, these films are being routinely utilised in the area of radiation oncology for the characterisation of radiation fields.

There are various films designs in order to cater for the different applications and hence radiation sensitivities needed. While GafChromic EBT3 has been well characterised as a radiation dosimeter, data on the other dosimeters are lacking.

This project will involve Monte-Carlo simulations of the dose deposition within the different radiochromic film designs.

Experimental measurements will then be performed at the Royal Adelaide Hospital to compare the different films to their expected response.

Research in Medical Physics operates in collaboration with Medical Physicists working in hospitals around Adelaide. One of the strengths of the program is the opportunity it provides for students to work in a hospital environment and to gain insight into clinical procedures.

An honours project in medical physics can provide an excellent introduction to the MPhil or a PhD in this field, and to a medical physics career. The program is coordinated by Dr Alex Santos and Dr Michael Douglass.

  • Research in Radiotherapy Physics is carried out in the Department of Medical Physics at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.
  • Projects in Medical Imaging Physics are available at both Flinders Medical Centre (Radiology) and the Royal Adelaide Hospital (Nuclear Medicine).


Dr Alex Santos

Alex Santos

Research area: Medical physics

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Physics

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