Histopathology in Pacific oyster health surveillance

This project aims to assess serial temporal samples collected from an oyster farm at Coffin Bay, for health and signs of disease.

pacific oyster

The assessment (of gross and histopathological findings) will lead to an analysis of pathological changes and how they relate to oyster health.

During the project, you will develop an understanding of pacific oyster health from South Australian production units and develop the procedures for a statewide oyster health surveillance program.

Edible oysters are a significantly important part of the SA aquaculture industry and an understanding of their health and significant diseases is fundamental for a sustainable industry. The development of a surveillance program is critical for early detection of disease incursion to SA oyster stocks.

Key methodology:

  • Samples will be collected for DVM3 practicals and will be processed and examined (histologically) for documented signs of health and disease.
  • You will be involved in normal histological techniques and develop skills for reading histology of oysters, correlating data and possibly discovering undescribed oyster conditions.
  • There will be opportunities for farm site visits.
Stephen Pyecroft


Dr Stephen Pyecroft

Research area: Pathobiology, infectious disease and public health

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Animal Science

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