Pathogenesis of newly emerged Newcastle disease virus in South East Asia

This animal science honours project involves detecting the molecular basis of the newly emerged Newcastle disease virus in South East Asia.

Chicken Roseworthy

The highly pathogenic Newcastle disease virus has emerged in South East Asian countries. The existing vaccines cannot provide proper protection against the new virus.

During this project we will investigate molecular basis of pathogenicity of the virus and provide preliminary information to develop new vaccines for protection of poultry in Indonesia.

Key methodology: Sequencing and transcriptomics analysis of infected tissues and isolated viruses.

The research is funded by Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR).

Associate Professor Farhid Hemmatzadeh


Associate Professor Farhid Hemmatzadeh

Co-supervisorDr Milton McAlister

Research area: Pathobiology, infectious disease and public health; molecular biology of viral infectious diseases

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Animal Science

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