Canva on Campus

When: Monday 20 May
Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Where: Conference Room, Level 7, Ingkarni Wardli
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Interested in hearing about how Canva has scaled their backend system to support over 15 million monthly active users? Or how they’ve rebuilt their tech stack to support a range of features to empower the world to design?

Come along on Monday 20 May to hear from Christian and Mark, two graduate engineers who have played a key role in the world of integrations and video at Canva! 

Plus, FREE pizza for those who stick around afterwards to ask questions and learn more about careers at Canva. 

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Canva Coden Ticket Competition

Two lucky University of Adelaide students will have the chance to win a trip to Sydney to meet the team from Canva.

All you need to do is:

  • attend the talk
  • register your details and
  • receive a link to a coding challenge (over email) that must be completed before 3 June in order to win!


Speakers bio

Christian Lacullo: Christian is currently leading the charge on allowing anyone to extend the Canva editing experience and is leading the charge to release Canva’s first public API. Christian is University of Sydney comp-sci grad, ex-Atlassian, spent time at a startup before joining Canva in Jan 2018.

Mark Pawlus: Mark is currently working on bringing video to the Canva experience. A University of Adelaide alumni, Mark spent some time writing code at Uber before moving to Sydney to work at Canva.


Learn more about Careers At Canva.

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